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Famagusta tour with Gemma
Salamis Tour with Gemma
famagusta wall City
famagusta St nicholas Cathedral
Church of Cyprus
Othello Castle
othello castle
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othello in Wall city
Day Tour of Famagusta and Ghost Town
                 Pick Up Points and Prices

Get a comprehensive tour of the Medieval Famagusta and Ghost town’s  highlights during this 5- 6 hour Historical tour. See the Roman ruins of Salamis, St Barnabas Monastery and an Icon Museum, St Nicholas Cathedral in the Medieval Wall city of Famagusta, and as well as the Ghost Town of Varosha. On the drive back to Nicosia, Larnaca , Limassol, cross over the border to the South part of Cyprus where we need to show our passports at the checkpoint. Total driving time is about 50 70 80 min each way; round-trip transportation from Nicosia Larnaca Kyrenia Limassol hotels private car or VIP Vito is included.


•    5- 6 hour Historical tour of the Medieval Famagusta and Ghost town.
•     See the Roman ruins of Salamis, 
•    St Barnabas Monastery and an Icon Museum, 
•    St Nicholas Cathedral in the Medieval Wall city of Famagusta, and as well as the Ghost Town of Varosha. 
•    This tour is organised for a small group of just 6 people maximum.  
•    80 minutes total drive time each way.
•     Pickup and drop-off at Nicosia hotels via transportation car 
•    Inclusive of all local taxes and Historical Entrance fees! 

What You Can Expect 

 Following convenient pickup from your Nicosia hotel in a comfortable car as the transportation vehicle is arranged according to the  number of participants to the Tour, cross the the check point from the South to North Part of Cyprus. You'll be traveling with a small group of just 2 to 6 people maximum with an experienced and  Licensed Local Tour Guide.  The Journey will take approximately around 70 minutes. Drive along the Mesaria Plain as Kyrenia Mountain on your left hand side and Troodos on the left passing through so many villages where Greek and Turkish used to live together before 1974 until you reach Famagusta.  You will firstly be arriving to the Ghost town where we spend for 15 minutes as 105 Hotels are located all along the Seaside however  abondened city due to the conflicts between two communities. Then , your next visit will be Famagusta Wall City as walking towards St Nicolas Cathedral, which is now known as Lala Mustafa Mosque where 40 minutes free time will be given for coffee break & sightseeing. 
The trip continues with a visit to the ancient city-kingdom of Salamis, 1 hour will be our spending time here as it is founded right after the Trojan War by the archer Teucer who came from the Greek Island of Salamis. Time will be given there for a guided tour around the archaeological site which includes a beautiful ancient Greek theater and marble columns, Roman baths and a Gymnasium. You will also be given a choice for 45 minutes to have a quick lunch at the restaurant right next to Salamis and our last visiting site will be St Varnavas Monastery will take 30 minutes from our time to see it. We can ofcourse continue driving towards Iskele/ Bogaz Fishing harbor village for a coffee break intead of st Barnabas monastery if you wish.


Please note: Per Check Point Border Regulations, all passengers will be required to show passport at the time of crossing the Border.

                 Pick Up Points and Prices




min 4 max 6 pax only 

FROM 35GBP / 40 EURO PP            Pick up from Kyrenia

FROM 40 GBP / 50 EURO PP            Pick up from Nicosia

FROM 50 GBP / 60 EURO PP            Pick up from Larnaca

FROM 55 GBP / 65 EURO PP            Pick up from Protaras or / Agia Napa

FROM 60 GBP / 70 EURO PP            Pick up from Limassol

PRIVATE TOUR PRICE Includes up to 4 pax

min 1 max 6 pax only 

FROM 140 GBP / 160 EURO              Pick up from Kyrenia    

FROM 160 GBP / 180 EURO             Pick up from Nicosia

FROM 200 GBP / 240 EURO             Pick up from Larnaca

FROM 200 GBP / 240 EURO             Pick up from Protaras or / Agia Napa

FROM 220 GBP / 260 EURO             Pick up from Limassol


Transportation and a Local Licensed Guide will be included in the price.


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