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Pentodactylos -Bellapais

Flat footpaths, rocky areas, stairs, rural roads, asphalt road

 through village


25 GBP / 35 EURO / 40 $

Armenian Monastery

Armenian Monastery (Sourp Magar) will be organised in Alevkayası located near Five Finger Mountain. It's 8 kilometers & (3 – 4 hours) tour with moderate walk and narrow trails through forest along slopes. We will have a lunch break in picnik area and then we will continue visiting Herbarium museum.

25 GBP / 35 EURO / 40 $

Viran Church

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25 GBP / 35 EURO / 40 $

Anthiphonidies / Esentepe

more info will be updated soon

30 GBP / 40 EURO / 45 $

Kantara - Buyukkonuk

Every Wed, we journey to Kantara to enjoy a morning’s walking to a medieval mountain fortress followed by a visit to an authentic village. We walk along a panoramic ridge path to Kantara Castle, a bastion which appears to be growing out of the rock. the easternmost of the three mountain fortresses of Northern Cyprus. 

35 GBP / 45 EURO / 50 $

Tatlisu Tour

more info will be updated soon

35 GBP / 45 EURO / 50 $

Five Finger Mountain Tour

We start walking right before the Animal Rescue Centre and walk around the Five Finger Mountain in a circle. It's 5 kilometers ( or 2 hours) tour with easy walk and wide trails all around the mountain. No lunch included for this tour.

20 GBP / 30 EURO / 35 $

Sadrazamkoy Tour

more info will be updated soon

35 GBP / 45 EURO / 50 $


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