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Daily  or weekly Self Guided Hiking Tours


Included of:


  • Airport Transfer 

  • İnfo about Cyprus given by our Representative

  • Transport to and from the Walks. (5 days walks) or Rental car 

  • Maps 

  • Packed lunch 

  • Water 

  • Mobile Phone





We will supply you with maps and put you on the right path. If you wish we can pick you up from your HOTEL AND take you to any part of the North you wish to explore and drop you back to your hotel once you finish hiking.  With a self-guided tour you have the freedom and ability to explore the East all the way down to West parts of North Cyprus. We would transport you to the start of the trails and provide you with maps and notes to follow the way marked trails. We will then pick you up at the end of the walk. Most of the walks end in a place of interest so we will give you time to explore and pick you up at an agreed time.


Some of the Places for Self-Guided walks




Walking trails are from an easy to a medium level of difficulty, and range from 2-5 hours in duration. Good, solid footwear is recommended! Walking poles are also useful, as well as a small rucksack for water and food, and some sun-p
















































































Five Finger Mountain Walk


This undulating walk is good to begin with on your first day or if you fancy just a short morning out walking to get a taste of the Kyrenia Mountains. The wide track leads you around the prominentBeşparmak Mountain(Five Fingers Mountain) and offers some great views along the coastline of North Cyprus. According to legend the mountain is the handprint of the famous Cypriot hero Dighenis. This walking trail is really nice in the Spring, especially if you enjoy seeing wildflowers and/or like bird watching.


Trail summary: Easy, wide track, little shade   

Approx. time: 2.5 hours


  FROM 25 GBP / 30EURO  Per Person

The Kantara Crusader Castle Walk


After a 50-60 minute drive (from the Kyrenia area) this walk will start above the small village of Mersinlik located on the northern slopes of the Kyrenia Mountain Range. The walking trail goes along a level, wide track and has some beautiful views along the northern coastline of Cyprus and also to the south towards Famgusta Bay. This section of the walk ends in the small village of Kantara where you can enjoy a break and some cold refreshments at the Kantara Restaurant. The walk then continues as an undulating track to the Crusader Castle of Kantara. In spring-time the track is lined with wild cyclamen and the castle is visible along the way. From Kantara Castle you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views across the island.


Trail summary: Easy to moderate, ↑ 500m ↓ 200m

Wide levelled track with one steeps Section               Approx. time: 4 hours (plus another hour if you wish to enter and explore Kantara Castle itself).


FROM 25 GBP / 35 EURO / 40 $ Per Person

The Alevkaya Forest Walk


This is a pretty walk through the ‘Gondollar’ forest with views to the Beşparmak (Five Fingers) Mountain and the coastline of North Cyprus. The walk ends after a steep section where you will come to the ‘Lovers Leap’. At the so called cliff edge there is a great view point. A small path then descends from here and leads to the ruined Armenian Monastery SourpMagar. From here the path mounts steadily to the picnic area in the Alevkaya Forest. Here the walk finishes, but a visit of the North Cyprus Herbarium is recommended.


Trail summary: Easy to moderate, with some steep uphill sections. 

Approx. time: 3.5 hours  

FROM 25 GBP / 30EURO  Per Person

Buffavento Castle – Bellapais Walk


The wide track leads slightly uphill to the ridge. Most of the way you have views over the Mesaoria Plain and on clear days the Troodos Mountain Range is also visible. The second part of the walk continues downhill to the gorgeous village of Bellapais. Along some sections of the walking trail the Monastery is visible and many of the views make for a stunning photograph. Following the trial you also pass the former house of Lawrence Durell and the author of ‘Bitter Lemons’. Within Bellapais village there are several restaurants offering nice Kebabs (grilled lamb or chicken) or Cypriot Meze (selection of small starters). After a rest it is highly recommended to visit the famous Bellapais Abbey – a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and one of the must visit sites in North Cyprus.


Trail summary: Easy, wide track with no shade, ↑  250m↓ 250m

Approx. time: 4.5 hours (Not including time to the visit of the Abbey)

FROM 30 GBP / 35 EURO  Per Person

The Antiphonitis Monastery Walk


The walk starts just behind the picnic area of the Alevkaya Forest. The wide forest track heads uphill for the first 4km and then continues along gently undulating for most of the way. Towards the Monastery the track goes steeply downhill. During the walk you will enjoy magnificent views along the Kyrenia Mountain Range and the North Cyprus coastline. Towards the end of the walk you will reach the Byzantine Antiphonitis Monastery, which is surrounded by a small garden. The Cafeteria is a perfect place for a rest and a cold drink. In the church there are some wall-paintings dating to the 12th and 15th century A.D.


Trail summary: Easy to moderate, wide undulating track where the last part is steeply downhill 

Approx. time: 4.5 hours (not including time to visit the Monastery)

FROM 25 GBP / 30EURO  Per Person


Entrance fees to sites of interest and food and drinks are included in the package

Please note that Prices will be less if more than 4 pax  


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